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As a longtime CPA in the Dallas area, I have worked with a lot of family-owned and closely held small business owners, particularly in manufacturing and distribution companies. If you are among the small and medium-sized business owners who are age 50 or older, that gives most of you a window of 10 years or less to fully execute a business transition or succession plan. Fortunately, creating the actual succession plan can take less than one year. This whitepaper can be your accounting starter kit or template for a fruitful business transition. Use it to support a healthier business and a more secure retirement. Your future begins…now.

In this whitepaper, we discuss: Do_You_Need_a_Succession_Planning_Starter_Kit_-_Cover.png

  • Three Phases of Assessing, Executing and Communicating a Succession Plan. Including:
    • Facing the Unknowns
    • Sharing the Plan
    • Requesting Feedback
    • Establishing Timing and Deliverables

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